Process for contacting and paying Kachingle Anything sites

Once every month, Kachingle automatically contacts the owner of each site suggested by our users, via email and Twitter, letting them know how much money is waiting for them, and asking them to contact us to establish their payment method. Most sites reply to this message after a few months, reading our website to learn about our revolutionary new service, then sending us their PayPal email address. Once a method of payment has been established, we can ensure Kachinglers' money will go to their intended sites.

After a while, if we do not receive a response from a site added by a Kachingler, we will make our best efforts to contact the site, which include by email, phone calls, contact forms and letters to all the contacts on the site itself, as well as in the site’s domain name record. If after 6 months of such attempts we've had no reply from the site owners, Kachingle has the option to continue trying to reach the site, or to give the money that has gone uncollected by that site to Kachingle’s official charity which funds brain cancer research.

When a site responds, they could choose to “opt out” of Kachingle, meaning they do not want to allow their users to donate money to them through Kachingle. In that event, we encourage the site to accept the money that has been donated so far, and if they agree, we pay them all the collected monies without collecting Kachingle's normal 15% processing fee. In the event the site owner declines the money, Kachingle gives that balance to its official charity.

Except for the two scenarios described above, Kachinglers' contributions will reach their intended sites, which will begin receiving monthly payments once they have established their payment method.

For the nitty-gritty legalese version of all this, please see our Terms of Use.