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Launched in October 2010, HyperVocal provides engaged Millennials of the so-called Facebook Generation with a comprehensive look at the complete, hyper-frenetic news cycle. They are purveyors of the vital and the viral, online hunters and gatherers of what’s out there you need to see and read. We’re post-partisan Internet Sherpas, groundskeepers of rationality, arbiters of reality and pseudo-nonsense.

HyperVocal is an all-encompassing home page with a community feel. It’s a news aggregator of what’s relevant and important. It’s a constantly growing interconnected network of blogs from bright, young minds from around the world. It’s a smart, witty editorial team churning out timely original text, audio and video content. It’s the first place you’ll see all those viral videos you normally see 48 hours after everyone else. It’s entirely digital, entirely social.

HyperVocal offers its own genre to the web: We combine the rules of professional journalism with the true voice of this generation. Smart yet snarky, sophisticated yet sassy, (and, evidently, alliterative), HyperVocal is not as revolutionary as it is revitalizing. We all bemoan the state of the cable news channels — either too biased or too boring — and we all weep for the modern plight of print journalism. The time has come to offer positive and more intelligent news than the way we get it now.

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