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Autodesk 123D - Get Ready to Make Something


Autodesk 123D is free 3D modeling software integrated with content and fabrication services.

We believe that inventive ideas have the right to be made into real objects. We love it when an idea becomes tangible; when you hold the real thing you dreamed up and made in your hands, and realize how awesome you are because check it out, it works!

That feeling is what we're all about, our mission is to provide access to the tools to help you take your concept and make it reality. This is your home for useful tools for making things; for giving shape to that idea you have, exploring it, and most importantly, making it. Here you'll find software, content, and making services that work together so you can create, explore, and quickly make a physical prototype of your project.

Autodesk® 123D™ is a public beta because we're growing and developing, and we want your input! So please, post your ideas to the 123D product forum, we're interested in what you're thinking!

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