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My life has been spent exploring extraordinary human functioning, and how individuals and small groups can, and have, affected social change. I’ve done this both as an experimentalist in parapsychology, and by being privileged to have been a part of several major social transformations: civil rights in the 1960s, the transformation of the military from an elitist conscription organization to an all-voluntary meritocracy in the 70s, and citizen diplomacy between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 80s and 90s. Both the experiences and the research have convinced me that all life is inter-connected and interdependent; which you’ll see reflected in the site’s several sections: my books, and research papers on Remote Viewing and Archaeology, Anthropology, Medicine and Healing, Creativity, and Social Policy; magazine articles and interviews; biographical material; and, experiential CDs, videos, and DVDs. You can read much of this material online, and download what you find of particular interest. Finally, I want to encourage you to use the electronic philanthropy buttons at the bottom of this page.

I invite you to also take a look at my daily news service: Schwartzreport

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