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Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association

Legendary Times is the only publication in the world to exclusively report about the Ancient Astronaut theory! Our articles are written by the best and most authoritative researchers in the field such as EvD and David H. Childress just to name a few. In exclusive articles, this dynamic Quarterly will bring the unsolved "Mysteries of the World" closer to you. Embark on a worldwide voyage of discovery, and explore the secrets of the past. Vivid tales of great adventure take you back to the time before history, and offer you, the explorer, research that you were always looking for but were unable to find. Join now, not only will you be able to read Legendary Times, but most importantly, you'll support the cause! Come search with us!

Topics Covered in Legendary Times

The following is only a small fraction of topics which will be covered in detail in Legendary Times.

The origins of life on Earth
The emergence of intelligence on Earth
The evolution hoax - Darwin's "missing link"
The true origins of religions
Technology of the Gods
The "chariots of the gods", such as the flying machines of ancient India, referred to as 'Vimanas'
The "visions" of the prophets, such as Ezekiel, which recount eye-witness reports to their encounters with "real gods" ie. Aliens
The accounts of divine judgments in various ancient scriptures
The original core of global mythology: facts of misunderstood technologies
The intricate descriptions of the gods in ancient texts and scriptures
The vanishing of religious and mythological figures into "Heaven"
The cargo-cult behavioral patterns of past and present societies
The time-shift effects mentioned in ancient scriptures
The construction of and motivation behind prehistoric monuments for which there is, as of yet, no satisfying explanation
The worldwide architectural similarities of pyramids and other edifices
The origins of worldwide giant ground drawings and lines such as in Nazca, Peru, which have been designed to be seen in their entirety only from the air
The astonishing astronomical knowledge of "primitive" tribes of today
The promise of the return of the gods as specified in all world religions and mankind's tremendous fear of this event
The origin of countless strikingly similar rock carvings and paintings all around the world
Strange, unexplained artifacts such as the pre-historic batteries of Baghdad, which do not fit into archaeological time frame

Legendary Times investigates how, from where or from whom ancient civilizations have acquired the knowledge to master such stupendous aforementioned feats which by today's standards would seem to have required highly advanced and sophisticated technology and machinery. What really happened in our past...?


The topics covered in Legendary Times are so controversial due to their thought-provoking and downright volatile nature, other publications won't even dare to tackle them... So if you like thinking on the edge, then Legendary Times is for you...

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