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Wowhead was created with one sole intent: providing World of Warcraft players with tools to make their gameplay more enjoyable. This website is our contribution to this wonderful game.

Our user community is the most important part of what we do. Almost all of our information comes from the users, through data uploads from the Wowhead Client, comments on database entries and screenshot submissions! The site also features forums, where users can ask questions, discuss important WoW-related topics, recommend and share favorite addons, and much more!

We are firmly committed to the rules of gameplay and to the gaming community. As such, we have a firm stance against virtual item markets, real money trading (RMT) and powerleveling services. You will never see us support such efforts. Furthermore, anything against the World of Warcraft Terms of Use or End User License Agreement is strictly prohibited on Wowhead.

New and exciting features are continuously added in order to stay ahead as the leading World of Warcraft information website. We are constantly striving to improve the site, and there are always lots of new features in the works! We'd love to know what you think, so if there's something you'd like to see implemented on the site be sure to contact us!

Wowhead is optimized for modern browsers. As of April 2010, old browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 are no longer supported.

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