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Philomelus is a brand new initiative serving Waldorf homeschooling families. Drawing upon the insights of Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, our mission is to offer programs and services using a primarily grassroots approach.

We work primarily out of a donation-based business model, relying heavily on the generosity of those in our community in order to continue fulfilling our task.

Most of our programs take place at Michaelmas Farm, a center for social and cultural renewal integrating agriculture, education, the arts, and community life in north central Massachusetts. Select programs may be offered off-site on occasion.

Why "Philomelus"? The impulse for our initiative comes to us from the story of the Greek demi-god, Philomelus, son of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and his brother, Plutus. Plutus was very wealthy, though would not share any of his riches with his brother. Out of necessity, Philomelus bought two oxen on his own, and then went on to invent the wagon, or plough. He supported himself by cultivating his own fields, and growing his own crops. His mother so admired Philomelus for his initiative, that she placed him in the heavens as the constellation Bootes, his wagon, or plough, being the constellation Ursa Major.

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