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American Public Media | Public Insight Journalism


American Public Media has created a new model of journalism to meet the needs of today's open-source society. It is built on genuine partnership between news media and the public and it weds public insight with the best principles of journalism.

Public Insight Network

Through technology, we quickly tap the knowledge of more than 80,000 citizen sources around the world to strengthen news coverage.

Serious games

By producing online games, simulations and collaborative tools, we partner with the public to help set our news coverage agenda.

Public Insight sessions

Through face-to-face meetings and discussions, we create trust with people of all backgrounds and listen to their insights on issues.


We work with other news media, journalism schools, foundations and community groups to foster a new journalism of public partnership.

The Incubator

We invent and nurture new on-air, Web and live formats as well as projects that showcase the power of audience-produced knowledge and content.

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