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Hall of Beers


Beer reviews, news, and adventures in booze.… the tale.

For as long as humans have lived in civilizations, some 5.3 million years, beer has been brewed and enjoyed. Today, over 86 billion people worldwide enjoy more than 6 thousand gallons of beer each and every month. Or something.

Beer is more than a beverage—it is liquid friendship, courage, joy… it is delicious and powerful and it is… just great.

Finally, at the pinnacle of human achievement, comes Hall of Beers…. We have come together, we few, we happy few, friends and beer drinkers all, to bring our love and knowledge of beer to you, the person who is reading this. This site is about beer, it is about things that happened while drinking beer, and it is about whatever the people who happen to have access to posting on it feel like writing… being that beer has alcohol in it, that should keep things interesting. So keep drinking, enjoying and generally beering. That’s right, friends… in the Hall of Beers, the word BEER can be used as a gerund.


Captain Beer

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Feb 03, 2012

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