Bundling and billing platform for applications and content. Built on top of a robust and proven micropayment engine.

About Kachingle

At Kachingle we are passionate about the value of applications and content, whether they be created by individuals, groups, or organizations.

We also believe that because it takes real time, money, and insight to create and maintain valued applications and content, a business model for sustaining them must be available. Advertising, premium, freemium, are partial answers, but Kachingle provides application and content vendors the "secret sauce" to get people to jump over the "penny gap" and start paying something rather than nothing.

In October 2012 Kachingle pivoted from a voluntary contribution system to a monetization platform for freemium and premium apps and content by implementing a flexible and user-centric bundling platform on top of the existing capability. Built on the strong basis of our existing usage-based micropayment engine, Kachingle now enables app vendors to bundle their offerings together in a compelling easy-to-signup-for package for consumers and businesses. For more information, please visit the FAQ.

(Note: the legacy voluntary contribution system, now labeled "Kachingle Anything", lives on as a bundle within the new Kachingle platform.)


Cynthia would like to acknowledge her longtime friend, Laura Haydée Gutierrez [1951-2005] of Buenos Aires, Argentina, for providing her with the initial inspiration for Kachingle.

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